Sunday, April 22, 2007

This really happened.

We'll have some commentary on the Alberta Budget later this week as we work through some of the impenetrable documents. (Does it really call for a steep decline in arts funding over the next four years? We MUST be reading that wrong.)

But to tide you over, faithful readers, here's an amusing weekend anecdote: Naheed was picking up a Toronto friend from the airport on Saturday am. Out of longstanding NE Calgary habit, he was heading south on Barlow, rather than Deerfoot when his visitor exclaimed "Hey, is that Hidy and Howdy on the signs? That's awesome!" So, it seems that someone notices the signs after all. (She loved them, actually, and was crestfallen to hear they are being scrapped. She even wrote a letter to the Herald about it on her Blackberry.)


Jenny & Josh said...

I read it as an 8.7% increase in arts funding.

The Better Calgary Campaign said...

Naheed, our resident government documents nerd, is dealing with exams right now, so hasn't looked at this in detail yet, but it really is confusing -- the press has reported different numbers for this year, the real number wasn't in the budget speech, and the multi-year business plan for the TPCR ministry seems to show a gradual decline in arts funding to 2010. We will get to the bottom of this!