Monday, April 16, 2007

Land-use Bylaws and grumpiness

Naheed's op-ed did appear in today's Calgary Herald. It's not behind the subscriber-only firewall this time, so the link should take you right there. What do you think? is the bylaw too restrictive? How do we balance the need to control development with allowing creativity and innovation?


Bob McInnis said...

Wow! Even in his grumpiness Naheed was able to take the naydoers of City Hell to task with a fairly well formulated, action focused set of arguments. It is unfortunate that election grandstanding is playing such a painful role in all these debates.
Any suggestions to avoid poiliticking, potlicking, behaviour from April to October 2010?

Jenny & Josh said...

I agree that the by-law is too restrictive. The secondary suite issue clearly needs to be resolved. this council, on issues like secondary suites and Transit-Oriented Development (Varsity) seem unwilling to stand up to the not-in-my-backyard crowd in the city's established communities.