Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Council is in Session!

On Monday, November 8th the first council meeting will begin at 9:30am. This council is moving fast. It is time to pay attention!

As the Better Calgary Campaign has not yet met and formally mobilized, we want to quickly share a few things you can do right now. The first step: read the agenda for the council meeting at .

Key items on the agenda:
  • City Manager's report: Southeast LRT Green Trip Proposal
  • Notice of Motion: Fish Creek, Lacombe LRT Station Area TOD plan (Alderman Colley-Urquhart)
  • Notice of Motion: Airport Trail Underpass (Alderman Stevenson)
  • Notice of Motion: 2011 Budget Projections (Mayor Nenshi)
Follow the above link to the agenda for more details on each of the key items.

The second step: Let your alderman know what you want before the meeting starts.

The third step: Attend the meeting or part of the meeting or watch it online at and follow and participate in the #yyccc hashtag on Twitter.

It could be dull at times, so invite friends to join you! Also, check out for their Blue Monday plan for the council meeting.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No doubt that the budget trim, SE LRT, and the airport tunnel are the biggies on tomorrow's Council agenda.

However, there's another that's at least as consequential as Fish Creek TOD. That's the downtown underpass guidelines.

This one's been nearly a decade overdue, two for the new 4 st SE underpass.

Upgrading the underpasses is high impact for Beltline and Centre City. It's a key element in "welding Beltline to downtown."

It may seem a little boring to the "planning from 50,000 feet" crew. But it's foundational urban design for centre city pedestrians and bicyclists. And it's big bang for the buck.

Rob Taylor